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About Us

Our project Tuscany started about 30 years ago with a lot of enthusiasm, the carelessness of the optimist and our philosophy - the way is the goal - which is why we are still today enthusiastic about our decision to acquire a neglected property with house and old olive tree stock.
This plot of land, abandoned since the 1950s, with a lot of passion, even more work and with the idea of organic farming and recultivating the traditional olive tree varieties of Tuscany on our land in the background.
barcarelli aerial shot
old olivetree
Tuscany farm - Ecological family business by Bruno Benz and Liliane Kobelt with the children Nora, Lea and Basil. The Azienda is located in the province of Pisa (Tuscany), in the municipality of Palaia on 12.5 hectares of land in a beautiful south-west location, with a terraced landscaped area. The soil composition is ideal - limestone, sand and clay - to cultivate olive trees according to ancient traditions.
Soon we made the decision to renew the whole Azienda, i.e. to rebuild the terraces and to plant about 1000 young olive trees of local varieties, so that we could work more efficiently and at the same time to start the rebuilding of our farmhouse.


Our olive trees

The olive tree is a bush from its origin and is only cultivated as a tree, it needs a lot of sun to supply its olives with aromas, taste and polyphenols. With its warm summer and mild winter, Tuscany's climate offers the ideal conditions for olive trees to thrive.
The olive tree has two phases of growth, one rigorous in spring, which reaches its peak with the flowering in May and one in autumn, which ends with the harvest at the end of November.
In summer, with its extreme temperatures, the olive tree regulates its moisture balance through the leathery leaves, i.e. at high temperatures the leaves curl up to prevent evaporation and store moisture, and in autumn they glow in a juicy green when it rains for the first time.
In winter, the only risk of frost is severe frost, which can cause immense damage to the olive tree. Remember: in the historic winter of 84/85, with temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees, a large part of the olive trees in Tuscany fell victim to frost.
olivetrees winter
Care of the olive trees: An important meaning has the olive tree cut in the spring before the trees stand in the juice. It requires a lot of experience and professional knowledge, because each tree has to be treated differently according to variety, age and growth.
This is why it is essential to attend the training courses offered by the Province of Pisa on olive pruning and olive oil production in order to obtain the necessary knowledge and certification.
Our Certification: Region Tuscany, Bruno Benz, certified nr. 121 ai sensi della legge regionale 31. agosto 1994n.70 (art.11).
The courses were led by Dr. Marco Mugelli, an internationally renowned olive oil expert and President of ANAPOO.
(ANAPOO stands for Associazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Professionisti di Olio d'Oliva, in English: "National Association of Professional Olive Oil Tasters", located in San Casciano near Florence.)


Our olive varieties

tuscan olivevarieties
tuscan olivevarieties
For your information:
There are no green or black varieties of olives. The color of olives depends upon the stages of maturity. They turn black at different times depending on their variety and can only be used for food. Only green olives are used for olive oil before they turn black


Our olive harvest

olive harvest
olive harvest
The harvest in Tuscany begins at the beginning of November and lasts until the beginning of December, depending on the weather and the ripeness of the olives. The olives are picked and collected in big nets under the olive trees and then processed within 24 hours. In the Frantoio (oil mill) the olives are cold pressed without the addition of heat (olive pulp up to max. 25 degrees).
Olive press: The decisive factor is the choice of the oil mills according to the quality of the processing, since only a few are able to process the olives into a genuine extra virgin olive. The reasons are: the temperature is too high, because for the oil mills only the yield but not the quality is the decisive factor, impurities in the production process, poor separation of oil and amniotic fluid, too long processing times, oxidation.


Our extra virgin olive oil

oliveoil cellar
Our Mission: To produce an olive oil which corresponds to controlled top qualities, whereby we do not speak of the today's diluted (EU norms - acido/acid content 0.80% -), which come to meet known bulk bottlers.
This extra virgin olive oil is produced in the hills around Val D'Era, above Forcoli near Pisa (Tuscany) and is harvested in the traditional way, cold pressed and bottled unfiltered. It is obtained from the well-known varieties Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Moraiolo and is considered one of the best in the area. The soil and climate are optimal in Tuscany. The choice of varieties, cultivation, harvesting methods and processing (pressing) make Tuscan olive oil a top product.

Olive oil direct sale

We sell only olive oil from our own production:
Barcarelli limited ®     Extra virgin olive oil - cold pressed - acid content 0,16% - perossidi 4,04 (a chemical parameter associated with dietary fat and relates to the state of oxidation of lipid components, with particular reference to fat denoting potential tendency to rancidity)- and 552 polyphenols (a group of chemical substances found in plants which are very beneficial to good health)
Tuscan extra virgin olive oil - cold pressed - Production of Azienda Agricola Barcarelli, Forcoli (Pisa)
Award at Volterra Gusto  - The best olive oils of the Province Pisa  - Award at Tuscany Food Awards 2018
Our olive oil is strictly limited because there can be differences in quantity from harvest to harvest.
Olive Oil Sale: Canisters of 3 litres and 5 litres and bottles of 0.50 litres and 0.75 litres.
Prices and shipping on  request.


Slow Food Tuscany

Our ideas to try something different:

zucchini flowers preparation    zucchini flowers fried the vegetables in olive oil    zucchini flowers serviert

Stuffed zucchini flowers with Mozarella di Buffala and strips of ham fried in olive oil.


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